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Is It Time To Fire Your Mortgage? 

The next 16 minutes could literally change your financial future. Please watch and let us know what questions you may have.    

What Would It Feel Like?

What Would It Feel Like?

We cannot begin to describe the feeling of being told you can fire your mortgage company, pay off your home in a small fraction of the time, save tens of thousands of dollars and accelerate the path to financial freedom! If you haven't heard those words yet, please contact us.

Harvest Financial offers easy-to-apply Planning, Education and Coaching toward the goal of helping people to protect themselves from the high interest rates of banks and high taxes of the IRS. We offer Public Speaking to Churches, Schools and Civic Organizations, regular informational Zoom calls as well as one-on-one meetings both virtually and in person.


Harvest Financial Provides:

Financial Coaching

Insurance Planning

Investment Planning